Design of a commercial building with recreational areas

RS + Yellow Möbel, warehouse and distribution centre, Münster

Gewerbebau „Big-Box“ mit Wasserdach © Christian Richters
Standardisierte Porenbeton-Fassade mit Pyjama Farbanstrich © Christian Richters
Sonnenschutz-Screen, geöffnet © Markus Hauschild
Sonnenschutz-Screen, geschlossen © Markus Hauschild
Stahl-Pergola mit Sonnenschutz-Screen © Christian Richters
Verwaltungstrakt mit Wasserdach © Christian Richters
Wasserdach mit Boardwalk aus Holz © Markus Hauschild
Randdetail wurde zur Unsichtbarkeit ausnivelliert © Markus Hauschild

At first glance, this warehouse building and the large office area above the delivery docks seem very precise but relatively conventional. A surprise awaits visitors in the upper conference rooms and senior management offices, however: the roof area has been flooded to create a large pool.

This project was put up for discussion in the network series “wieweiterarbeiten – Workspaces of the Future”.

Completion 2009
Planning period 2007–2009 (planning), 2008–2009 (realisation)
Developer Rainer Scholze, RS Möbel Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Münster
Architect / planner

Bolles + Wilson, Münster; ahw Ingenieure GmbH, Münster

Planning partners TIGEV Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Münster
Size / area 8,610 m²
Building costs (gross) 647 €/m² net (CG 300+400)
Uses Working


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