About the Convention of Baukultur

The Convention of Baukultur is the key opinion-making forum within the Federal Foundation of Baukultur and takes place every two years. It is a platform for the preparation of debates on relevant Baukultur subjects; it establishes a position on the situation of the built environment and honours current work of merit for Baukultur. The objective of the Foundation is to widely spread awareness of Baukultur in society. With this in mind, questions are tabled, attitudes discussed, and approaches queried during these conventions. As a result, the Baukultur Foundation produces the Baukultur Report with the aim of making recommendations for action to the Federal Government. Speakers at the conventions are personalities that are recognised for their outstanding commitment to Baukultur. These include not only architects, engineers, town and landscape planners, but also building owners, contractors, and persons who promote Baukultur or make a contribution in terms of articles / critiques.

The task of those convening is to address the interests of Baukultur in the public and to initiate pertinent debate. Consequently, the attendees of the Convention take on a responsibility that goes far beyond their participation at the conference.

The 2016 Convention took place from 3 to 5 November in Potsdam. In this context, the current Baukultur Report 2016/17 on “City and Village” was presented and discussed for the first time. It focuses on small and mid-sized urban spaces and rural areas, and it builds on its predecessor, as it also contains recommendations for more building culture. At twelve workshop tables, the twelve recommendations for action from the Baukultur Report 2016/17 “City and Country” were discussed and experiences were exchanged. As part of the electoral college, this year members of the Convention were appointed to send representatives from their ranks to the Board of Trustees and Advisory Board of the Federal Foundation of Baukultur.

The 2014 Convention on 16 and 17 November was devoted to the theme “Built Living Spaces of the Future – Focus City”. Here, mixed neighbourhoods, public space, infrastructures, as well as planning culture and process quality occupied centre stage. With a focus on the subject of housing, there were discussions about how to build and under what conditions, and how to deal with the simultaneity of boom and fallow. In addition, the Baukultur Report 2014/15 was presented to the public for the first time at the Convention, where it was also discussed. In the process, the members of the Convention took a stance on the recommendations for action contained in the Baukultur Report. How these recommendations can be put into practice was the subject of three workshops.

The 2012 Convention, entitled STATTVERKEHRSTADT, took place on 17 and 18 June in Hamburg and dealt with the Baukultur of transportation infrastructures. The programme of supporting events included a visit to the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg and to HafenCity on 16 June, and “dialogical walks” on 17 June.

The 2010 Convention “Baukultur of the Public Realm” convened on 16 April 2010 at the Zollverein Coal Mine Complex in Essen. On 17 April 2010, the Convention of Baukultur brought its thematic priorities of education, open space, and transport to the “Capital of Culture Ruhr2010” region for discussion with the public. In Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, and Essen, the Baukultur Foundation looked closely at three selected everyday places to examine the themes of the Convention with citizens, members of the Convention, and prominent figures from politics, culture, and media.

With the Founding Convention on 21 September 2007, organised by the Friends’ Association in the name of the Foundation and held in the Hans Otto Theater in Potsdam, the Federal Foundation of Baukultur officially began its activities. The Founding Convention was attended by roughly 300 leading professional experts who show commitment to Baukultur in various disciplines.

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