Integration of water management use systems in urban design

Pilot plant Luritec / Spree 2011, Berlin

Pilotanlage Luritec © LURI
Pilotanlage Luritec © LURI
Pilotanlage Luritec © LURI

Discharges of wastewater into rivers, lakes, and seas threaten ecosystems along with the basis of life and living quality of states and municipalities. Common approaches to addressing these problems are tedious and costly. With the LURITEC system, LURI.watersystems.GmbH has developed equipment that can be employed for the purposes of both water management and urban design. Tanks that are installed directly in front of the sewer outfall pipes – and which can also be implemented quickly and cost-effectively – take in the effluent, storing and cleaning it.

The surfaces of these systems are available to be used as urban, artistic, and environmental instruments. In addition, an essential contribution to the financing of water management measures can be made by marketing the surfaces. After many years of research, the system is now ready for market and could be installed in front of virtually each sewer pipe around the world.

Completion 2012
Planning period 2007-2012
Developer LURI.watersystems.GmbH
Architect / planner

TU Berlin, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Barjenbruch (project management); TU Berlin, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hillemeier (materials research)
Flow modelling analysis: TU Berlin, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hinkelmann
Geotechnical engineering and foundations: TU Berlin, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Savidis
Pollutant load simulation: Berlin Centre of Competence for Water, Pascale Rouault, Kai Schröder, Hauke Sonnenberg
Urban design: cet-01
Architectural design, tendering, and construction supervision: heike könig architekten
Coordination of building permit process: UBC, Umweltvorhaben in Brandenburg Consult GmbH
Structural engineering: HEG Beratende Ingenieure Anlagentechnik AKUT Umweltschutz Ingenieure
Electrical engineering: Actemium Controlmatic GmbH
Research for combined wastewater treatment: Hans Huber AG, Krüger WABAG / VWS Deutschland GmbH, WEDECO / Xylem Water Solutions Herford GmbH
Inspection and testing, construction supervision and consultant engineering: Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Size / area 500 m², initially solely used as a water management facility. Planned use (as of 2014): Public gardens
Uses Open space
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