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About the Baukultur Reports

Status reports on the situation of Baukultur in Germany

The biennial Baukultur Report is the Federal Foundation of Baukultur’s most important medium and, as an official status report on planning and construction in Germany, also a political instrument. The report links the positions of the Baukultur Foundation with project examples from the Baukultur Workshops and arguments from expert discussions. The Report also includes statistical data as well as the results of a municipal survey on planning practices and a population survey on the housing and living environment. The collected findings lead to concrete recommendations for action for all actors involved in planning and construction.

The Federal Foundation of Baukultur is one of the few institutions in Germany that is requested and entitled to submit a report to the Federal Cabinet and the Federal Parliament through the relevant jurisdiction. Thanks to this right of submittal, the Baukultur Reports are dealt with by the Federal Cabinet and referred to the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.

The Baukultur Report is created with the involvement of numerous specialists, experts, associations, an advisory group, and the Foundation’s own expert bodies. The Foundation’s own population survey and poll of municipalities form a basis for the report, which is coupled with recommendations for action citing current figures.

For the Foundation it is important to develop the Baukultur Report in cooperation with specialists and experts, even though obtaining the involvement of the various stakeholders is a complex process. Baukultur is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary concern that can only be assured through cooperation and teamwork. Accordingly, the Baukultur Report is the product of not only the combination of the three Baukultur Workshops, the advisory group, and the Foundation’s Advisory Board. In addition, alongside many individual talks, a central coordination discussion with associations, professional chambers, foundations, and initiatives took place. The “Baukultur Report 2014/15: Built Living Spaces of the Future – Focus City”, the “Baukultur Report 2016/17: City and Village” as well as the “Baukultur Report 2018/19: Heritage – Presence – Future" are available here as a download.

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