Land in Sight

Baukultur Magazine

The new Baukultur Magazine is here!
Jakob Maurer/Stadtaspekte

The new issue of Stadtaspekte is devoted to the rural aspects of the city – and the urban aspects of the countryside. The special issue, created in cooperation with the Federal Foundation of Baukultur, carries the title “Land in Sight!” and has three sections that look at everyday life, the resources, and the aspirations of life between city and country.

As expected of Stadtaspekte, the magazine focuses less on the professional viewpoint and more on new and honest perspectives of rural areas and phenomena: author Benedikt Crone speaks with young academics about their dreams of owning a single-family home, journalist Julia Friedrichs posits that the rural craving of city dwellers is more of an apolitical escapism to social-ecological banality, and Heiko Haberle shows us with his reporting how the mayors of Iphofen and Luckenwalde are using high Baukultur standards to make their small towns into attractive and lively places. Along with expansive photo spreads like the one by photographer Waldemar Salesski about new energy infrastructures in rural areas, the issue also features illustrations and more freely conceived texts, such as an essay on rural youth culture.

The magazine is available as of 24 October at retail press outlets in German railway stations and airports, in selected architectural and specialist bookshops, and from for 8.90 Euro. The issue is available in both German and English editions .

Stadtaspekte and Federal Foundation of Baukultur (eds.)
Land in Sicht! / Land in Sight!
October 2016
112 pages
8.90 Euro