ISU Talks #05

Future Cities – Urbanism in a digitalizing world

Heimann und Schwantes für die Bundesstiftung Baukultur

The fifth annual ISU Talks series is a public one-day conference and will be dedicated to the theme of “Future Cities”. The fast spreading of digital technologies into our daily life is generating inevitable transformations in our society. Digitalization enables the development of integrated, flexible and responsive solutions to approach the complex dynamics of cities. The conference seeks to explore the potentials and challenges for urbanism in a digitalizing world and how it will shape our cities.

We look forward to scientific posters' session followed by keynotes and a round table session with :
Caroline Bos (UNStudio | Melbourne University | The Netherlands)
Sven Schneider (DecodingSpaces | Bauhaus-University Weimar | Germany)
Emine Mine Thompson (Smart + Future Cities | UK)
Pablo Martínez + Mar Santamaria Varas (300.000 Km/s | Spain)

Please register by November 03, 2017 on the website.



14.11.2017, 10.00 Uhr - 20.00 Uhr
Teilnahmegebühr: 35€

TU Braunschweig
Pockelsstraße 4
38106 Braunschweig