Baukultur Open Forum

Please follow suit – strategies for more Baukultur

The network of Baukultur stakeholders is growing considerably throughout Germany, indicative of the growing need for shared information, an open exchange, and networking. The Friends’ Association and the Federal Foundation of Baukultur invite interested parties, their members, and colleagues to the Baukultur Open Forum so they can become familiar with initiatives and their work and projects, and take part in a vigorous exchange of ideas and information.

Common goals and exemplary strategies for “more” Baukultur are discussed in lectures, a constructive dialogue, and lively conversations. Stakeholders introduce themselves, discuss and formulate problematic issues, draw attention to potentials, cooperate and develop formats together. In doing so, we examine the following questions: How do the stakeholders organise their work? What are the backgrounds? What common questions exist? Can the issues that have arisen be solved within the network? How can “the public” be reached, motivated and encouraged to become more active? Where is more support needed? How do initiatives profit from one another?

Networking works: Baukultur Open Forum 2015 in Cologne

On 8 June, the fifth Baukultur Open Forum took place in the Fritz Thyssen Foundation in Cologne in cooperation with the Haus der Architektur Köln (Cologne House of Architecture). As part of a discussion on “Strategies for more Baukultur”, participants talked about how Baukultur stakeholders and initiatives might become better networked among one another and with the public.