Regional network meetings

At its regional network meetings, the Federal Foundation of Baukultur and its Friends’ Association have been bringing together network partners, selected experts and communicators of Baukultur since 2010. They provide a platform where current Baukultur topics can be discussed with locally acting initiatives, taking concrete projects on site as an example. The platform is also a place where stakeholders can exchange information about their experiences, methods and strategies. The first series of regional network meetings organised by the Baukultur Foundation (2010 to 2013) focused on “A Language for Baukultur” and discussed strategies, formats and examples for communicating Baukultur. The Friends’ Association invites guests to regional network meetings throughout Germany with formats such as the “Baukultur Open Forum”, the annual members’ meeting, and cooperation projects like the 2014 Baukultur Day in Hesse.

You can find out more here about the individual regional network meetings and also download documents.