International network 2010


10 and 11 September 2010 in Hamburg

The Federal Foundation of Baukultur, in conjunction with the IBA Hamburg and the Goethe-Institute, invites guests to attend its international network meeting CONNECT_BAUKULTUR in Hamburg on 10 and 11 September 2010. At the interim presentation of the IBA Hamburg in 2010, the Baukultur Foundation brings together around 20 experienced and upcoming institutions and stakeholders from Europe that work to promote Baukultur and its communication in the areas of politics, the media, economy, and culture. These include CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, Britain), EFAP (European Forum for Architectural Politics, Belgium), Architectuur Lokaal (Netherlands), National Council of Architecture (Finland), Vlaams Bouwmeester (Belgium), DAC (Danish Architecture Centre, Denmark), and NAI (Nederlands Architectuurinstituut, Netherlands). They present their perspectives on Baukultur and its communication using actual examples from Baukultur practices in Europe in order to summarise what they have in common and their differences.

Thanks to the special event location, the IBA Dock, the largest floating and energy-optimised building in Germany, and a guided tour of selected IBA projects and the HafenCity, the international guests are offered an exciting platform where they can get to know the newest projects and positions in the areas of architecture, urban construction, and Baukultur in Germany.

You can download the documents on the international network meeting CONNECT_BAUKULTUR 2010 here.