Development of a holistic process culture

The Wolfsburg model: zero phase and planning culture at municipal level

Baukultur in der Schule_Rundgang der Jury © Lars Landmann
Baukultur in der Schule_Workshop © Lars Landmann
Projekt Freiraum Neugestaltung einer öffentlichen Wegeachse und des Schulhofs der Neuen Schule © bgmr Landschaftsarchitekten
Projekt Hochbau Internationaler Architekturwettbewerb "Bildungshaus" © Stadt Wolfsburg-Büro Luchterhandt
Projekt Stadtplanung Lageplan "Neues Wohnen im Hellwinkel" © SMAQ
Projekt Stadtplanung Perspektive "Neues Wohnen im Hellwinkel" © SMAQ
"Typisch Wolfsburg" Ausstellung in Baucontainern © Klaus Gottschick
Wolfsburger Koller-Preis 2013 © Ansgar Wilkendorf

In the last 15 years, the City of Wolfsburg has developed a model that systematically establishes a sustainable building and planning culture which, at the municipal level, is unique. The aim is a holistic process culture which establishes structures beyond the remit of individual projects and acting stakeholders. In town and landscape planning, as in building construction, the right procedure has to be found for every project; this should then be optimised and ultimately implemented throughout as standard.

In new build and refurbishment projects, the users are invariably involved at an early stage in the development. New, innovative formats seek a common language and active cooperation with citizens of all ages. As a reaction to the increasing internal and external requirements in this field, a number of different organisational structures have been set up within the Planning Department; these officers report directly to the Director of Urban Development and support Baukultur work. In addition to the classic Advisory Council for Design and a multi-disciplinary “Baukultur Working Group”, this structure has been a dedicated feature for the purpose of conveying Baukultur since 2001. The “Architecture Forum” has established an exemplary approach throughout the Federal Republic based on many projects, ranging from that of the municipal university prize through to basic work at schools.

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