Conversion of a former factory building in a residential and commercial district

Stadtregal, Ulm

Stadtregal, Ulm © Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft Ulm mbH
Stadtregal, Loft-Wohnungen © Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft Ulm mbH
Stadtregal mit Außenanlage © Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft Ulm mbH

Stadtregal (City Shelf) is the name given to a conversion project in Ulm. In addition to a former factory building, this conversion embraces a district with roughly 50,000 m². The project’s special feature is the size of the existing building and its wide diversity of uses (residential – commercial – cultural) within a single building, in which the use is determined by each individual buyer. Only the exterior design and the positions of the utility and circulation cores were specified.
The floor plans and use concepts were developed in consultation with the users. Crucial to the success of the concept were the extant building frame (much like structural shelving) as the basis for subsequent construction, the resulting flexibility of the functional units, and the individuality of the floor plans. With few rules, a lively building that can be used in diverse ways has emerged.

This diversity placed great demands on the entire planning team. In order to achieve better coordination between the users and the design architects, an additional architect was hired by the developer for coordination of the fit-out work.

This project was put up for discussion in the first Baukultur Workshop in 2014.

Completion 2013
Planning period 2007 (BA 1) bis 2013 (BA 5)
Developer Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft Ulm mbh
Architect / planner

Rapp Architekten, Ulm; joint venture with Braunger Wörtz Architekten, Ulm; Schreiber; Ott Ingenieure; Holtum; um + t

Planning partners Schmid-Rauh Landschaftsarchitekten; Alwin Grünfelder in Ulm consult; Martin Haide; Prof. Jürgen
Size / area 115 units with a total usable area of approx. 20,000 m²; including 69 residential lofts
Building costs (gross) 46,000,000 €
Uses Housing


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