Modernisation of an urban ensemble

Integrative neighbourhood – Housing at Taxisgarten, Munich

Wohnen am Taxisgarten © Antje Hanebeck
Wohnen am Taxisgarten © Florian Holzherr
Wohnen am Taxisgarten © Antje Hanebeck

The ensemble is located at the juncture between the inner-city structure of the Neuhausen district and the neighbourhood of Gern, marked by an open development of discrete buildings and gardens, that extends from Nymphenburg Palace to the Olympic Park. The termination of the palace canal and Taxisgarten park, with its original beer garden, are important places in the consciousness of Munich’s residents. As part of Munich’s city expansion program under Theodor Fischer, the ensemble around Dom-Pedro-Platz was built at the end of the 19th century, as a district centre south of the Taxisgarten park. Large urban buildings and expansive open spaces form a varied urban ensemble modelled after Camillo Sitte.

Completion 2010
Planning period 2007-2008
Developer Gewofag Holding GmbH
Architect / planner

Fink+Jocher, Munich; Wanie Glück und Partner, Munich; Franke Rössel Rieger, Munich; 03 Architekten, Munich

Planning partners Keller Damm Roser, Munich; Landschaftsarchitekten, Munich (landscape architects)
Building costs (gross) 71,500,000.00 €
Uses Housing
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