Development of a prototype for energetically active and adaptable climate envelopes

Climate envelope, Blankenfelde-Mahlow

Der Außenspielbereich und Kitagebäude, Fachgebiet Entwerfen und Konstruieren – Massivbau © Andreas Apitz (TU Berlin)

The intention in this research project is to expand existing research on conventional climate envelopes to include areas such as active energy gain and storage, adaptability, and sound insulation.

A climate envelope here refers to the envelope of a building for the purpose of protection and for improving energy efficiency. In the past, issues of construction details, building physics, and the efficiency of conventional climate envelopes have been sufficiently researched. The increased cost of investment is balanced by savings in operating expenditure, in particular the cost of heating, by making use of the greenhouse effect. The envelope protects against natural and man-made effects, thus providing an opportunity to benefit from a greater design freedom with respect to the interior.

Planning period 2014-2015
Architect / planner

sbp sonne gmbh, Andreas Keil (stakeholder applicant)

Building costs (gross) Project value approx. 250,000 €
Uses Infrastructure
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