Baukultur in Regensburg

Advisory Council for Design – the example of Regensburg

Studentenwohnheim Regensburg – Detailansicht Laubengänge © Stadt Regensburg Stadtplanungsamt
Studentenwohnheim Regensburg – Balkone und Farbgestaltung © Stadt Regensburg Stadtplanungsamt

The Regensburg Advisory Council for Design was established in 1998 as an independent body of experts with the remit of contributing to an improvement of the built urban environment, ensuring good architectural quality and preventing undesirable developments. In addition, the intention is to strengthen the architectural awareness of all those involved. The Advisory Council is made up of architects who advise the City of Regensburg on architectural and urban design issues, support building owners and their architects, and make recommendations to the Lord Mayor, the City Council and the Administration. Of particular interest are projects with an urban design context that have an impact on the townscape and landscape of Regensburg.

This project was discussed as part of the 2014 Baukultur Workshops.

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