Baukultur Report 2018/19

Heritage – Presence – Future

Heimann + Schwantes für die Bundesstiftung Baukultur

The Federal Foundation of Baukultur is currently preparing the Baukultur Report 2018/19 “Heritage – Presence – Future”, which is devoted to our built heritage and the challenges for the future viability of our designed environment. The report addresses, among other things, the energy refurbishment of existing buildings and infrastructures, especially from the era of post-war modernism, as one of the largest construction tasks in the next few years. The Baukultur Reports “Built Living Spaces of the Future – Focus City” (2014/15) and “City and Village” (2016/17) have already highlighted the significance of the existence of the existing built fabric in terms of its identity-giving effect and its Baukultur potential, for example with regard to space savings and reduced CO2 emissions. In addition to relevant influencing factors for a successful renovation culture, the Baukultur Report 2018/19 provides current facts from municipal and population surveys and depicts examples of contemporary renovation culture. The ensuing recommendations for action are directed towards representatives from politics, administration, planning and the construction industry, as well as all interested stakeholders in Baukultur.

The Baukultur Workshops, the main event format of the Federal Foundation of Baukultur, support the substantive development of the Baukultur Report and constitute a platform for interdisciplinary exchange between the community of experts and the interested public.