Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Federal Foundation of Baukultur is composed of a total of 20 members from various disciplines, all of whom are distinguished in the field of Baukultur. The members of the Advisory Board are appointed by the Board of Trustees. Three quarters of the members are appointed by the Board of Trustees based on recommendations by the Convention of Baukultur. The Advisory Board counsels the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board in planning and carrying out their duties.

Members elected by the Convention of Baukultur 2016 and appointed by the Board of Trustees:

Prof. Christian Baumgart | Würzburg
Architect, public building-contractor

Matthias Böttger | Berlin
Architect and curator

Michael Braum | Heidelberg
Urban planner und University lecturer

Frank Dupré | Speyer
Commercial Graduate, private building-contractor

Heiner Farwick | Berlin

Burkhard Fröhlich | Gütersloh

Andrea Gebhard | München
Landscape architect

Armand Grüntuch | Berlin

Christoph Ingenhoven | Düsseldorf

Maren Kern | Berlin
Architect, private building-contractor

Hans Otto Kraus | München
Architect, private building-contractor

Karin Loosen | Hamburg
Landscape architect

Engelbert Lütke Daldrup | Berlin
Urban planner

Prof. Dr. Steffen Marx | Hannover
University professor

Achim Nagel | Hamburg
Architect, private building-contractor

Ulrike Rose | Berlin
Cultural manager

Annelie Seemann | Berlin

Monika Thomas | Berlin
Architect, public building-contractor

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karsten Tichelmann | Darmstadt
Civil engineer

Petra Wesseler | Berlin
Architect and Urban planner, public building-contractor