Deferential integration of an institute building in its environment

ZBSA – Centre for Biosystem Analysis, Freiburg im Breisgau

The slender, elongated building provides a clear boundary to the green space and closes the open courtyard situation of the existing buildings. The main entrance facing towards the Botanical Gardens divides the building into the teaching and seminar area to the west and the laboratories to the east. The interface between research and teaching unfolds as an open communication space with cafeteria and dayrooms that begins at the foyer and extends over several storeys.

This project was discussed in the network series “wieweiterarbeiten – Workspaces of the Future“.

Completion 2007
Planning period 2002–2007 (1st prize and commission, realisation competition)
Developer Baden-Württemberg State Office of Property and Construction; University Building Authority, Freiburg

Hascher Jehle Architektur, Berlin; Theobald + Partner Ingenieure, Kirchzarten

Planning partners Freier Grünplaner (IB Say), Freiburg; HLSK | Leim & Potthoff, Erkrath; ELT | IB Gnuse, Gütersloh; Stahl + Weiß Büro für Sonnenenergie, Freiburg
Size/area 5,726 m²
Building costs (gross) 2,228 € (gross costs per m² GFA, 300+400)
Uses Working

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