New municipal buildings

New village centre for Wettstetten

The transformation of the Wettstetten village centre involved the upgrading of intervening spaces and the continuation of urban spatial structures. By building a new town hall, a community hall, and a building for child and geriatric day-care, community and charity aspects of communal life in a village are placed together at one central location. The three volumes are placed along the existing spatial vistas and fit unselfconsciously into the organically grown layout of the place. They are grouped around a public square and, with their respective foyers, portray an openness to the local community. This creates a place of many social encounters between visitors to the town hall, the day-care centre, and the community hall. With the coated brickwork façades, the architecture of the buildings evokes associations with the Jura houses characteristic of the region. It underscores the rural effect of the group of buildings and its local roots.

This project was presented as part of the 2015 Baukultur Workshops in Kassel.

Completion 2013
Developer Municipality of Wettstetten

Bembé Dellinger Architekten, Greifenberg (employees: Viktor Filimonow, Asja Boese)

Public construction
Rural spaces