Learning system: Planning and implementation process for a multifaceted neighbourhood

New Petrisberg, Trier

New Petrisberg represents the conversion of a disused military base into a vibrant urban neighbourhood. Worthy of special note is the quality of the planning and implementation process. The master plan and budget framework of 2002 defined clear economic, ecological, and aesthetic objectives that were incorporated into a consistent marketing strategy.

The planning and implementation process was understood from the outset as a learning system and was carried out in 6 phases of construction. In each building phase, a lead project was defined, from which insight on a certain aspect of sustainable neighbourhood development was to be gained and then systematically transferred to the subsequent phases of construction.

Completion 2015
Planning period 2002–2012, last commercial property divestment ca. 2014/2015
Developer approx. 500 individual property owners and their architects

EGP GmbH, Trier 

Size/area approx. 350,000 m² total, incl. approx. 25,000 m² barracks stock
Uses Housing

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