Redesign of a waterfront promenade for emphasis of urban amenities

Flood Protection and Design of the Main Riverbank, Würzburg

The task was to close the remaining gap in the flood protection structure protecting the inner city and, at the same time, to upgrade the amenities available to the city on account of its location at the River Main. The concept is based on a small but significant shift of the traffic route in the central area of this approx. 1 km long river bank section. The resulting open space not only offers an impressive view towards Marienberg Fortress, but also, with its planted trees and choice of restaurants, improves the attractiveness of the place. A continuous riverbank promenade leads on from the historic Silberstiege of the old Main Bridge in the north towards the new shipping piers in the south.

The design of the flood defence structure responds to the different urban, construction, and historic situations. The northern part of the flood defence wall runs in a line in front of the existing buildings. The intermediate space created in this way was designed in accordance with the requirements of the local residents and the Historic Buildings Department. Towards the south, the adjoining open space has been protected with a combination of structural and mobile flood defences, the elements of which are integrated into the design of the hard landscaping.

Completion 2012
Planning period Urban design competition (1st prize) 1998/99; planning 2000–2006; implementation 2005–2012
Developer Free State of Bavaria, represented by the Würzburg Water Management Authority, in cooperation with the City of Würzburg

Klinkott Architekten, Karlsruhe

Planning partners Dreier Ingenieure, Würzburg (structure, civil engineering); Ingenieurbüro Maier, Würzburg (traffic facilities)
Uses Infrastructure

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