Baukultur Workshop in Iphofen

Housing of the Future

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Low-cost yet sustainable and high-quality housing is feasible! The Workshop focuses on the potential of housing construction, as in areas with a growing population as well as apartment conversions in the wake of altered social conditions. Growing populations in large cities, vacant property in small and medium-sized cities, and short- and medium-term accommodation of refugees, as well as the needs for privacy and encounter along with environmental sustainability are challenges that confront the housing sector, planners, and the construction industry.

The Workshop “Housing of the Future” is directed at housing professionals who seek innovative solutions to current housing issues – from the fields of housing, real estate, and engineering and architecture, as well as those in politics and municipal administration. The Baukultur Workshop “Housing of the Future” will concentrate on the following topics: serial and modular construction, timber construction, sustainability and flexibility, technical standards, inner-city densification and rooftop additions, and social housing. The projects to be presented relate to both new construction and renovations as well as conversions. New potential uses of materials and the associated technical innovations will be presented and discussed.

The Baukultur Workshops are the central event and work format of the Federal Foundation of Baukultur. Anchoring Baukultur in the planning and design of our living spaces not only has a positive aesthetic effect, but also has social, environmental, and economic benefits, too. The aim of the series of events is to highlight and publicise the qualities of best-practice projects with a special focus on their technical innovations and design aspects.

You will find more information about the presented projects here.

Baukultur Workshops

Housing of the Future

Federal Foundation of Baukultur

28.04.2016 - 29.04.2016

Knauf Gips KG
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