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Flucht nach Vorne

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On 10 and 11 March 2016, the Bavarian Chapter of the Association of German Architects BDA and the Federal Foundation of Baukultur invited those interested to attend the Workshop “Flucht nach Vorne” / Flight forward – Built solutions for the integration of refugees in our community”, held in Munich at the Museum Fünf Kontinente.
“Flucht nach Vorne” is presented under the patronage of Joachim Herrmann, Bavarian State Minister of the Interior, for Building and Transport.

The sustained flow of refugees has brought a new dimension to the issue of housing in Germany. It is not solely a matter of providing suitable accommodations in integrated locations for an ever-increasing number of immigrants, but also of taking into account the long-term integration of these people into our community when carrying out planning. This requires more communication among everyone involved, including the municipalities, cities, communities, politicians, architects, planners, social workers, and experts in varied disciplines, in order to be able to master this great challenge – a challenge that involves not only Baukultur, but also social aspects – through a transcultural and interdisciplinary exchange of experiences.

Despite inadequate conditions in some cases at the initial reception centres and in subsequent facilities, hasty solutions should not be sought. Instead, what is needed are long-range, well-considered, and socially sustainable built measures that give fitting regard to Baukultur. Temporary accommodations can provide short-term relief, but will tend to create problems in the long term if shipping container architecture that is intended to be temporary becomes permanent places of residence offering no potential for integration.

For some time now, the implications for society as a whole are already being felt. With its civic engagement, Munich has clearly demonstrated that it is ready to meet these challenges. The Workshop “Flucht nach Vorne” will feature keynote lectures and project presentations that address planning processes at the municipal level and policies on the use of public property, highlighting the responsibility of politics and the impact of participation and good architecture.

Stakeholders from different disciplines are invited to jointly develop strategies and cast their thoughts into the future. The early involvement of sociologists, psychologists, and experts with different cultural backgrounds, and the application of efficacious planning solutions will bring about results that are sustainable in the long term.

The aim of the event will be to stimulate the process and the discussion and to make a contribution in this direction that can be built upon. The point is to make proposals that flow back into the realm of politics, to provide inspiration that spawns projects, and to share experiences that can benefit future projects.

The event is being held in cooperation with the Museum Fünf Kontinente, the Hans Sauer Foundation, Federkiel Foundation, and the Department of Urban Planning and Construction of the City of Munich, with additional support from Ziegel Zentrum Süd e.V.

The curator of the event is Julia Hinderink MA RCA.

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In the surrounding area, several initiatives in Munich and Bavaria are currently engaged with the subject of housing and the integration of refugees. From 9 to 12 March 2016, lectures, guided tours, workshops, and exhibitions with various focal points are being held in Munich:

9 March 2016
Wir machen das! WOHNRAUM FÜR ALLE meets “Home not Shelter!”
Exhibition opening at Architekturgalerie München

12 March 2016
Open space with presentation, project exchange, bar camp 

„Integration begins with housing.“
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Viedotaped lectures
Here you can find the positions, presentations, and CVs of the speakers:

Baukultur Workshops

Flucht nach Vorne

BDA Bavaria and the Federal Foundation of Baukultur

10.03.2016 - 11.03.2016

Museum Fünf Kontinente
Maximilianstrasse 42
80538 Munich

Bayrisches Staatsministerium des Innern, für Bau und Verkehr
Stiftung BDA Bayern