Baukultur Report 2018/19

Heritage – Presence – Future

© Bundesstiftung Baukultur

The Baukultur Report was systematically developed with the help of many experts and relevant experiences. In addition to the Board of Trustees and the Advisory Board, the Federal Foundation was advised by an interdisciplinary advisory group. The basis was developed by the Deutsche Institut für Urbanistik (German Institute for Urban Studies). Three specialist studies supplement this: “Monument Preservation in Federal Germany” by synergon; “Building Materials and Material Cycles” by the Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie (Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy); and “Construction in the Building Stock, Redevelopment, and Monument Protection” by Kapellmann Rechtsanwälte (Kapellmann Attorneys-at-Law). On this basis, a series of expert discussions, Baukultur salons, and the central Baukultur workshops took place. In each case, the topics were the reflection of the questions raised and an exchange of experiences. In Mainz it was about “Historical Strata of the City”, in Bochum about “Conversion Culture”, in Frankfurt am Main together with the Deutsche Bahn AG about “Infrastructure.Innovation.Baukultur”, and in Karlsruhe about “The City and Bicycle Mobility”. Many have actively followed the participation format of the Federal Foundation in the workshops, including planners of various disciplines, representatives of municipalities and associations, as well as the interested public. Finally, a central discussion took place with construction-related associations and stakeholders. The knowledge-based principles were expanded by three Federal Foundation surveys: a population survey, a survey of cities and municipalities, and a survey of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, as representatives for their members.

You can download a copy of the report and the containing graphics below: