About Baukultur

The meaning and potential of Baukultur: Baukultur is essential for creating a built environment that is considered worth living in. In addition to social, ecological, and economic aspects, Baukultur also has an emotional and aesthetic dimension. Its creation, appropriation, and use are social processes that are based on a broad understanding about qualitative values and objectives. The involvement in Baukultur makes sense from the point of view of many of those involved in the process – private building owners can create the conditions for the long-term maintenance of, and increase in, the value of their investments. With their projects, public authorities can contribute to the uniqueness of our cities and thereby foster local and national identity. Politicians are able to address potential dissatisfaction and guide it into productive channels and, in this way, achieve broad approval of developments and changes. For all these, Baukultur is the key to creating social and commercial added value – Baukultur is an investment in the living spaces of the future.

The Federal Foundation of Baukultur offers facts & figures in its Baukultur Reports. Results of public enquiries and co-operations with specific expert groups strengthen the contents of the Reports

Projects which we presented and discussed in the Baukultur Workshops since 2015 you will find in this project gallery.